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Lynnwood Bibbens is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and sold several technology and e-commerce companies including American Discount Warehouse, a company he founded in 1996 and sold in 3 years for over 10 times EBITDA. Lynnwood has the ability to foresee the needs of Distributors, Brands, and Consumers and as such he has formed long term relationships with corporations such as Samsung, Toshiba, Vizio, Amazon, CBS, and Comcast to name a few. From 2007, Lynnwood has focused on the Media and Entertainment industry by integrating multiple dynamic content platforms that use proprietary technology which enable top brands to better understand their clients. He has teamed up with syndication partners Dailymotion, Google, Roku, Opera, XBox, Dish, Comcast, Verizon, and Amazon. Lynnwood also sits on the board of several companies; Adelman Enterprises, New England Technology, Moblty,GI Film Festival and The Invictus Firm.

Lynnwood co-founded and launched The Invictus Firm, a private equity & strategic consulting firm. Based on his extensive background in technology, entertainment content, distribution and syndication Lynnwood’s investment focus is on existing and new technology companies that are dynamic and disruptive. Specifically companies that can capture and monetize content across multiple platforms while being able to capture critical data in real time. Over his 20+ years’ experience, Lynnwood has been directly involved with structuring, advising and distributing global private equity deals.

Specialties: Distribution, Networking, Branding, E-Commerce, Mergers and Acquisitions, Contract Negotiations, Operations Evaluation, Media & Film Finance, Logistics, Structured Financing, Mezzanine Financing, Brand Integration, Programmatic Advertising, Media Sales, Buyouts, Private Equity Firms, Corporate Development, Early stage technology, Exits .

Lynnwood A. Bibbens
Partner-Chief Strategy Officer


Naresh Malik, With over two decades of experience in management and core skills within the Media & Entertainment business, Naresh has been in the Executive Position at Reliance, Prime Focus, Pixion, Ideal System Asia Pacific amongst others.. Having lead the function of Global Sales, Production and Transmission for Film and Broadcast Industry has given him the unique and unparalleled expertise across this sector.

Naresh is on the Advisory Board of Bottlenose Inc, ( leading the next frontier of big data analytics with a breakthrough software platform for “stream data intelligence” that automatically discovers trends in vast amounts of stream data in real-time.

He also runs the Strategic Consulting with Spark Compass, a contextually intelligent hyper location communication platform.

His last position - President for Media, Creative Services and Global Sales at Reliance Mediaworks, a film and entertainment Services Company and a member of the Reliance Group with a comprehensive presence in Film and Media Services, Productions, Sales, Distribution and Exhibition with operations across 78 cities and towns in India and internationally in the United Kingdom and the United States. The Group has major investments in the Entertainment Industry in US , DreamWorks and IM Global being the key initiatives.

Naresh also held the position of CEO at Prime Focus and Pixion, two very large Media Services companies with presence across multiple states in India and countries around the world.

As Director of Business Development for Ideal Systems, Naresh had the opportunity to work with an Industry Leading technology company in Asia Pacific providing innovative solutions to all sectors including Broadcasting, Telecoms, and Enterprise.

Naresh K. Malik

New York · Los Angeles · Houston · Mumbai · Hong Kong · Dubai