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As a boutique firm, we believe adding value is more than just investing money and time and we are dedicated to working as a partner with our portfolio companies to achieve success. All portfolio companies must have three characteristics; Management, Products, & Scalability (MPS). By investing in companies with strong MPS, our company has been able to consistently maximize growth and returns.

Though we view each investment uniquely, generally speaking, we seek to make investments that meet the following criteria:
Our Portfolio companies generally have annual revenues between $5 million and $75 million at the time of our investment
The Invictus Firm investments generally range in size from $5 million to $25 million in the aggregate.
Geography: US, Mexico, India, China

Enterprise & Consumer

The Invictus Firm Difference
Though The Invictus Firm is a limited partner of the fund, The Invictus Firm is not a corporate fund. The firm is structured as a typical venture capital firm in that it has the mission of maximizing return on investment, but it aims to do so by leveraging the unique experience, perspective and resources of The Invictus Firm and our partners to help its portfolio companies achieve success. The Invictus Firm partners include multiple Venture Capital, Private Equity, Institutional and Corporate Investment Firms.

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